Our main campus is located in the heart of beautiful Nantes, France, recognised by countless publications and organisations for innovation and quality of life. Students in particular enjoy life here: almost 20% of Nantes residents are ages 16-25 and study in the city.
Just two hours from Paris by train and a 30-minute drive from the Atlantic coast, Nantes is a thriving modern city with old-world flair. It is also easy to get from Nantes to London, Brussels and Geneva – amongst other exciting destinations.
Originally developed around the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, our region is a popular tourist destination. It draws around two million visitors per year and offers countless sights and attractions. Our city is safe, affordable and welcoming to international guests.

Campus France- Nantes Student Guide


The beautiful city of Nantes, France, is home to Audencia’s main campus. 

  • Explore the Loire Valley region, including parks, legendary castles and cities – a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Visit La Baule, a lovely beach resort, and enjoy the breathtaking beaches of the Atlantic coast
  • Appreciate the beauty and taste of some of the most prestigious vineyards of France, and enjoy fine and delicate white wines such as Muscadet
  • Eat, drink and check out new talent at the national centre for contemporary arts, Le Lieu Unique
  • Check out the unreal science fiction festival Les Utopiales

Daily life & fun

There are so many opportunities waiting for you in Nantes. Take a look at our suggestions and explore the official Nantes Tourism website for more ideas.

You can travel in Nantes by foot, bike, tramway, bus, taxi, hired car and even by boat! Nantes has an excellent public transport system and is also a very walkable city – great for exploring.

Nantes SNCF is the central train station where you can take trains to Paris, London, Brussels and more! Visit the official SNCF website for ticket price and time table information.

The Nantes Atlantic Airport is conveniently located 15 minutes from downtown and can connect you with a wide range of international destinations. Visit the website for flight information.

Food is a central part of French life, so of course we have numerous supermarkets, shopping centres and outdoor markets. It is usually more economical to visit the outdoor farmers’ markets for quality produce at a bargain and the large supermarkets for household items such as blankets, cleaning supplies, etc.

The cost of food in Nantes is relatively low, so you can enjoy delicious fruits, vegetables, French cheeses and more – all on a student budget. It is wise to get a loyalty card from the supermarkets, as this will allow you to take advantage of special deals and sales! The cards are free, and you can get them from the cashiers.

For off-campus dining, you can choose from French regional cuisine or ethnic specialties. There are options for all tastes and dietary restrictions. Many great restaurants are concentrated within the Bouffay and Graslin districts. There are also several convenient and affordable restaurants within a five-minute walk from campus.

Nantes also has a very lively nightlife, with the most famous nightclubs and bars in the popular Bouffay district.

Note that it’s not necessary to leave a tip, as this is often included in the price of the meal. Be sure to check out the plats du jour or menu midi/soir for lunch and dinner specials.

Explore the official Nantes Tourism website for more ideas.

Our community is full of creativity and energy. Nantes has a vibrant cultural scene offering everything from medieval castles and art museums to a planetarium, relaxing parks, movie houses and even bowling alleys. You may also explore nearby cities by train and learn about the vast and beautiful landscape France has to offer.

As part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the entire region has more to offer than we could possible describe. The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, originally built in 1207, is one of Nantes’ oldest landmarks and a must-see. The magnificent gothic Cathédrale de Nantes is also on the top of many travellers‘ lists.

Even a stroll down some of the old streets in the Bouffay district will give you an excellent tour of European architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries. You can even throw in a shopping trip along the way; the Passage Pommeraye, a shopping gallery in the centre of Nantes, is also a beautiful historical building.

Nantes offers you many different sport facilities, such as swimming pools, football fields, ice rinks and more. You can also join the BDS, or Bureau de Sports, at Audencia and participate in a variety of sports such as football, tennis, badminton and running.


Audencia has four campuses – including the main campus – in Nantes, France. We also have campuses located in Paris, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

France ranks amongst the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. There are so many things to enjoy about the country while you’re studying with us. Here are just a few.

France is located in the middle of Western Europe. It’s well-connected, and you can visit many other neighbouring countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Germany with ease.

If food is important to you, visiting France is an absolute must. Our sauces, cheeses, breads, wines and pastries are world-famous. Our food culture includes technique, history and pleasure.

We eat slowly and enjoy our meals, sitting outside in the open air on nice days and gathering together in cafés and restaurants when clouds roll in. Eating at a French street market or picnicking at a nearby park is also lovely.

France has long been an international centre for art. The world-famous Louvre is just one of many things people come from all over the world to see. Nantes itself boasts a wide range of art galleries and museums.

The French countryside is famous for its beautiful landscapes, vineyards and historical villages. These bustling and historic French communities range from beach towns to picturesque canal-laced villages, lovely hillside communities, and villages perched on the edge of dramatic cliff faces.